Work In Progress


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“I have just taken a 40 minute journey across the rainbow of emotions to be found in Bruford Low’s new album Work In Progress. A complex and often uneasy quest in strength, frailty and tenderness, infused with honesty and hope. Beginning with the inspiring On Silver Wings and the autopsy that is Jealousy, sing along to the melodious Go and Rhythm of The Train, which calls to mind the Pet Shop Boys at their best. The skin-shedding Hand Luggage is followed by the ethereal romance of Soul Dancing. Share the angst that gnaws at the incurable songwriter in Lines like These but be comforted by the intimacy expressed in the closing track Hush. In this collection of songs, Bruford Low displays his range of musicality, wit and wordplay and proves beyond doubt that this life is indeed a Work In Progress.”
John Meehan


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