“You were only supposed to blow the bloody doors off…”

Thirteen years ago I attended a residential songwriting course run by Tom Robinson. He suggested that I should write and record an album as Bruford Low. Since then I have been putting it off, always making excuses. Finally, the fear of producing a less-than-perfect album was overcome by the fear of failing to make one at all. Last June, I set myself the target of completing it in 12 months, and have pretty much achieved that. The CDs are in production and can be pre-ordered from my website and (from 1 August) on Bandcamp, from where digital downloads are also available.

When I embarked on the project I gave little thought to where it might lead. The plan was to complete the album whilst working part-time. But then what – go back to “normal” life? I don’t think I know what that means for me any more. As I invested more time and effort into the album, the more deeply rewarding it became, in particular the production and arranging sessions with Jonny Amos. I started to entertain the possibility of forging a career in music – composing, arranging, producing and recording for myself and for other people. I researched courses and opportunities, and decided that I was prepared to take a big gamble. I have “retired” as a plumber and start a degree in Music Production and Popular Music in September. I can just about afford to live on my savings for the next three years, but I’ll need my new business to be generating income by the time I graduate in 2020.

For all the uncertainty, I feel more alive that I can remember. So much of my self-doubt has evaporated and I have a sense of true purpose for the first time in my life. From this, it felt somehow appropriate to become Bruford Low.



Author: Bruford Low


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