It’s the final countdown…

The tracks are mixed and ready, the artwork is nearly complete, and Work In Progress will be available as a CD and download within a few weeks.
Although not on the album, I have also re-recorded Breakfast At Tesco. It didn’t seem to fit with the other tracks, so I am putting it out as a separate “single”.
You can listen to and purchase Breakfast At Tesco and Rhythm Of The Train, a track from the album:
Bandcamp – Bruford Low

At various points along the way, I have worried that the finished tracks would not be “good enough”. I think it is in the nature of artists to remain hyper-critical of their own work, and that’s a positive trait provided it is channelled into striving for higher standards. I do have to remind myself that the very reason for calling the album Work In Progress is to remind myself and my audience that the versions of these songs (and indeed any recorded version of a song) are just that – a work in progress.

Quite a few of the songs are new, written since the start of the project. I deliberately chose to give myself the pressure of coming up with some new material in place of revisiting older songs. There are a lot of myths about the creative process and in particular the concept of “inspiration”. Sure, it’s possible to wake up with a tune in your head or a lyric, a concept, whatever. That’s the easy part and only the beginning of a process that requires stamina, focus and determination. (Well, that’s how it is for me.) Over that last few years, I have been learning the craft of songwriting, collecting tools and techniques to start songs, to get past mental blocks and to refine existing work. Pushing myself to create a body of work to a deadline has been a stern test of my skills and, overall, I am very pleased with the end result.

Making the album has been a challenging and rewarding journey. I am aware of how much I have learned and grown along the way, and I am grateful to all the people who have contributed and helped me realise my long-held ambition. What I didn’t expect from the process was to make a series of life-changing decisions…

Author: Bruford Low


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