“What do you do?”

I have been songwriting and composing since I was in my teens, but it has taken me until recently to actually think of myself a songwriter/composer. How often is one asked the question “What do you do?”, which is polite shorthand for “What do you do to earn money?”. Thus we are defined as accountants, nurses, labourers, plumbers. What about the fact that we are lovers, footballers, volunteers, thinkers, musicians, artists, parents, activists, poets, mountaineers? We have allowed ourselves to be described solely in terms of economic productivity and it is time we looked beyond that, in ourselves and in other people. Now that I’ve got that off my chest, I’ll get to the point…
As a songwriter, I wanted to create an artefact, an album. But this is no mere “bucket list” item to be ticked off along with skydiving and swimming with dolphins. My prime reason for recording the album is to learn. About writing, about arranging, about recording and producing, mixing and mastering. I want to improve, to hone my skills.

Jonny Amos @ The Song Lab

When selecting a studio, I wanted to work with someone who would guide me through the process and help me to develop my skillset. From the initial meeting onward, Jonny Amos has been generous in sharing his knowledge and experience, and given me exactly what I was looking for. Studio time is hugely rewarding, even recording my vocals, which I find quite stressful. I also have my singing teacher, Dawn Lesley, to thank. She has coached me in the studio, encouraging me to a better vocal performance.

Over the course of the project, I have become aware of how much I want to continue this journey. I have developed a vision of who and what I want to be. This is my life now.

When someone asks me what I do, I will tell them that I am a songwriter.

Author: Bruford Low


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